President's Message

Welcome To Singapore Club Cambodia

Dear Fellow SCC Members and Fellow Singaporeans,

I am honoured to be elected as the 10th SCC President and given the opportunity to serve our Singaporean Community in Cambodia.

In my 2 year term as President of SCC, I will do my best to encourage more Singaporeans in Cambodia to join the SCC.

SCC is a Social Club with one important objective; to keep Singaporeans here in Cambodia connected to one another, keeping our Singaporean Community intact.

In order to foster closer ties among Singaporean Families in Cambodia, we run 5 major events each year. They are our Lunar Chinese New Year Event, Family Event, National Day Event, Mid-Autumn Festival Event and Christmas Event. These give us Singaporeans opportunities to catch up, exchange information and update one another and also for our children to meet other kids and make new friends.

As for Entrepreneurs and the Singaporean Business Community, we have our regular Shiok Night which is held on the 1st Friday of each month. This is a basically a social networking night not restricted to SCC members or Singaporeans only. We encourage all SCC members to bring non-members and other nationals to join us. It is a good time for Singaporeans who are new to Cambodia, for businesses to exchange information, promote what they do, and for NGOs to share their activities and charity events. It’s a fun event, where everyone can enjoy everyone’s company and be updated on current changes.

Running the SCC is not without tolls since all of us are volunteers and the club does not employ any staff. All of us are contributing time from work to serve in the SCC and with limited resources. As President of the SCC, mine is to drive effectiveness and I wish to take this opportunity to express gratitude and my appreciation for the contributions and support the SCC receives. Above our primary objectives, we strive to also support social activities that the Government promotes and also cooperate with Private Sector groups.

It is my wish also to increase our SCC Membership and drive momentous events and I am extremely pleased to launch this 6th edition of our Shiok,lah Magazine for everyone to enjoy and for sharing with friends.

I have been very happy with our Events. Through all the challenges and tedious moments, we managed every event successfully and with much joy. This is only because I have good support from my VPs, Exco and Working Committee. With this great team we can continue to manifest more for our SCC Members to enjoy.

I would like to wrap with a sincere Thank You to my Exco and Working Committee, without their sacrifice and commitment I would not be able to achieve my duties as President. Thank You.

Yours truly,

Albert Tan