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President's Message

As the 9th President of the Singapore Club Cambodia, I am humbled and honored to be your elected SCC President.

Taking over the marathon torches as the Club President from my predecessors is a tall order. Especially after serving as the Vice President to three SCC’s Club Ex-Presidents for the past six ( 6 ) years, I am expecting myself to do much more. The club and the new team had a good head start with the initiation of the monthly “ Shiok Night ” event, the very first Cambodia-Singapore International Spelling Competition and a memorable and uniquely different 48th Singapore National Day Celebration 2013.

Moving forward, apart from organizing more fun-filled and meaningful social events and activities that our members and families can look forward to, we will also strive and forge forward to undertake other daunting missions during my term of office. Through the collective efforts of my task team and working groups, I aim to be able to bring about further improvements into our club organization and status. This will be achieved through reflecting and making relevant upgrading internally as well as externally and bringing the membership’s subscription, the club’s reputations, networks and influence in Cambodia to the next level.

Internally, one of SCC’s long haul mission is to make SCC’s the “ Home away from Home” for all Singaporeans and their families residing in or traveling to the capital city Phnom Penh . Thus, during my term of office, I will continue to work hard with my EX-CO and Working Groups to lobby and to attract more Singaporeans and their families to join our social club.

With the support of my Executive Committee and my Working Group, I will also be revisiting the club’s constitutions and laying the path for the next President to ensure that SCC’s can manage the future enlarged “family size” as efficiently. Through the process of reviewing and engagement with the team, I will also proactively create opportunities and platforms to facilitate, groom and prepare the future leaderships for take over once my term expires.

Externally, I plan to focus my attention in helping to address the issue of providing “Singapore Education” for Singaporean families with school going age children. It has been and continues to be one of the main deterring factors that discourage many professionals from venturing overseas, especially for Singaporeans who have the intention to send their children back to the mainstream in Singapore schools after their return. I hope to gain the support and attract more Singapore based education companies to bring their educational programs to Cambodia and offer their services to our fellow Singaporeans and their families.

In addition, my administration will be forging forward to create more integration platforms between our social groups and the business groups. It is my hope that the integration will help create more business leads and opportunities for existing SCC members and their companies, thus motivating those yet to expand out of Singapore to venture into Cambodia and becoming a member of Singapore Club Cambodia .

Finally yet importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all my advertisers and the publication committee for another job well done for the 5th Edition of “Shiok Lah”. Magazine.

I shall like to end my message by sharing and reminding all members of SCC’s our club slogan: “Unity is Our Strength!

Thank you,
Peter Ng Meng Cheng

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